International Maritime Film Festival

International Maritime Film Festival

Celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of maritime pursuits

Bucksport, Maine, September 29–October 1, 2017

Festival Weekend

The 2017 program is currently under construction, and we’ll announce the weekend’s events when tickets go on sale in the spring.


The 2016 Winners and Festival Lineup

Friday, September 30
4:00 pm Opening reception in the lobby of Alamo Theatre
5:30 pm Into the GyreRunner up in the Feature Film category
Into the Gyre documents a groundbreaking expedition to study the location, extent, and effect of plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Gyre. Thirty-four volunteer researchers, scientists, and sailors participated in this five-week-long journey in a 135-foot tall ship to the Sargasso Sea, east of Bermuda. The film closely follows four of the researchers as they collect, count, and archive the plastic. Along the way the film examines the history of plastics, the adverse effects it is causing in the ocean, and possible solutions to this problem. 44 minutes
6:15 pm Q&A with Scott Elliot, Into the Gyre Director
Saturday, October 1
9:00 am Coffee and pastries in the lobby of the Alamo Theatre
9:30 am Raw Faith
In this incredibly rich story of one family’s relationship with a mission, a ship, and each other, we meet the McKaysand their ship, RawFaith—the 88-foot home-built galleon they construct on the shores of the Pleasant River in Down East Maine. The construction project begins as a family-focused endeavor, but it ultimately tests the family’s unity and challenges their individual and collective notions of commitment and obligations to themselves and each other. 1 hr 37 minutes
11:15 am Q&A with Gregory Roscoe, Director of Raw Faith
11:45 am The Long Haul — Grand Prize winner in short film category
The Long Haul follows one woman as she heads to sea in a fishing boat in the eerie night or under the still-bright sun. The film is like a dream removed from the particulars of the woman’s circumstances and so in her melancholy narration she might not just be describing her own life alone, but also ours. 10 minutes
12:00 pm Break for lunch in Bucksport
1:30 pm The Weekend Sailor — Grand prize winner in feature film category
In 1973, the United Kingdom organized the first head to head sailing race around the world, inviting expert crews from Europe and other countries against each other. The Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race, which today is called the Volvo Ocean Race, took the sport to its limits. The British Royal Navy purchased six yachts to train 800 men and chose the best four 10-man crews for each of the four legs of the race. An inexperienced Mexican man, Ramon Carlin, also signed up; he was in his fifties, and had a crew that included his wife, son, family, and friends. Although he was a weekend sailor, and although he became the laughing stock of the race and faced racism from the British press, he beat every competing nation. 1 hour, 14 minutes
3:00 pm Looking For a Hero
The producer of this film states that “My father always said he wasn’t a hero. But a newspaper article tucked away in a family album told a different story. I set out to uncover the details of a rescue he was involved in almost 60 years ago. Who did he rescue? Where are they now?” This short documentary brings some of the details to light in an attempt to find the true story surrounding the rescuers and the teenage crew that was almost taken away too soon on an August day in 1958. 20 minutes/td>
3:30 pm Q&A with Russ Lane, Director of Looking for a Hero
4:15 pm In Our Wake
From lobster pots and four-masted schooners to whitewater canoeing and seine fishing, step back in time to 1901 and travel through the decades as we explore Maine’s nautical past. Through home movies, travelogues, silents, and talkies we look at Maine’s boats, freshwaters, harbors, and people. These moving-image clips are focused on Maine’s history and multi-dimensional relationship with the waters in and around the State—a relationship ranging from working boatbuilders and lobstermen to tourists water skiing on our lakes and yachtsmen racing off the coast of Mount Desert Island. 1 hour, 10 minutes
5:45pm The Restorer’s Journey — Spotlight series selection
The Restorer’s Journey is a cinematic portrait of the man who took on a monumental task to change the course of wooden boat history. Jon Wilson’s passion for preserving wooden boats has inspired generations of boat builders, boat owners, and boat dreamers. When he launched the first issue of WoodenBoat magazine in 1974, he had no idea how the effect would ripple out into the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of readers on every continent. Self-taught and self-made—guided by mentors who “appeared” just as he needed them—Jon Wilson will leave an indelible mark on the boating world and beyond.
6:30 pm Q&A with Jon Wilson, subject of The Restorer’s Journey
7:00 pm Evening wrap up
Sunday, October 2
9:00 am Vixen’s Voyage — Runner up in short film category
Eleven years ago, Bruce and Tiffany Halabisky decided to abandon the conventional life and set sail around the world in a small wooden boat. They had two children along the way. Vixen’s Voyage is a glimpse into their life at sea, and of the places they visited. 14 minutes
9:30 am Vanishing Sail — Spotlight series selection
There is a small group of islands in the Lesser Antilles where the traditions of boatbuilding were once crucial to the survival of local communities skimming a living from the sea. Hundreds of sailing vessels were once launched here, more than anywhere in the West Indies. Today there is no more trading by sail, and these skills have vanished elsewhere in the region. Alwyn Enoe is one of the last boatbuilders practicing a trade passed down the generations from Scottish settlers who arrived in Carriacou in the 18th century. Approaching his 70s and with no more orders coming in, he decided to build one last sailing sloops in his area, with the hope that his sons would continue the trade. The film follows Alwyn’s progress and despair over three years—from hauling trees out of the forest to a final traditional launching ceremony on the bayside. 1 hour 28 minutes
11:00 am Audience favorite vote and festival wrap up

* All times are approximate. The actual schedule will be available upon your arrival at the festival, and will be dependent upon the lengths of the winners and runners-up.

** The audience favorite will be selected from all films—award winners and runners-up—shown at the festival.

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